CUIDEMOS Mexico - Smart Use of Energy Mexico

1276012462278-Mexico_de_noche.jpgCUIDEMOS Mexico, involves the distribution of energy efficient light bulbs to households across Mexico (implemented in geographically distinct areas across Mexico). 

The goal of the project is to transform the energy efficiency of Mexico’s residential lighting stock by distributing up to 30 million compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to households. By doing so, the program will abate greenhouse gas emissions through avoided electricity usage, significantly reduce national electricity demand and stress on energy infrastructure, and save individual households money on their electricity bills.

 The project includes a significant public education component. Raising awareness through information provided with products, as well as targeted media campaigns will further promote the importance of energy efficiency for Mexico. Such environmental messaging will promote behavioral change, encouraging further energy savings and supporting existing and future government programs. 

The contribution of the project to sustainable development is significant. 

a) Identification of opportunities for emissions reductions and mitigation projects

b) Recognition of the vulnerability of different sectors and the need for projects to assist with adaptation. 

Demand-side energy efficiency has been identified by the Mexican government as one of the key areas to address in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. This program clearly contributes to the achievement of these goals and will produce measurable environmental benefits. 

The project contributes significantly to Mexico’s economic sustainability through the more efficient use of electricity. Energy savings at both individual household and national levels make important contributions to Mexico’s economic efficiency and sustainability. 

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