Jepirachi Wind Power Project - Colombia

The project consists of the development of a wind based generation facility with a nominal power capacity rated at 19.5 MW, located in Wayuu Indigenous Territory in the Northeastern region of the Atlantic Colombian coast, within the region of Uribia in the Department of Guajira.


The Project contributes to the sustainable development of Colombia in various ways. First, it demonstrates at a commercial level, the potential for wind based generation in the region thereby facilitating future investments to capture the relatively large aeolic potential (estimated at over 5 GW). Second, it increases the share of renewable energy in the national grid, thereby contributing to the national private expertise in the installation and operation of such technology. These indirect benefits may stimulate further the development of the renewable option in the Colombian power system. Third, as the project sits in land belonging to a very poor indigenous community, it contributes to the development of this community through the support of community-driven projects financed by a system of transfers and compensation agreed to by the project sponsor. In this project, the benefits to the host Indigenous Community are monitored in accordance with a set of indicators as outlined in the Monitoring Plan. Finally, the project also contributes to an increase in economic activity during the construction period, injecting $21 million in the Colombian economy.

The annual avarage of emisions reductions are 18,028 CO2eq.

For more information about the project, go to this link. HERE



Could you please contact me regarding the photo of Wayuu people in front of a wind turbine? I would like to use in my book.   Hillary


Dear author,

I also would like to publish the photo in a german magazin for which I am working called "matices", which covers social and political topics of Latin America. For more information you can visit us at our homepage: Please contact me:


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