La Ventosa wind energy project - Mexico

The La Ventosa Project consists of the construction and operation of a 102 MW wind farm in Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca, in the municipalities of Juchitan de Zaragoza and Asunción Ixtlaltepec.


The main objective of the Project is to generate electricity from wind, thus increasing the percentage of renewable sourced power in Mexico’s electricity grid, and, at the same time, contributing to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the region.

The La Ventosa Project will reduce local air contaminants such as CO, NOx and SO by displacing fossilfuel based electricity. It will not produce any solid wastes or liquid effluents. It will also help reduce dependence on fossil fuels by increasing renewable power facilities.

Annual average of estimated emissions reductions are 224.040

For more information about the project, click HERE



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