Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system - Barranquilla

The objective of the BRT Transmetro in Barranquilla, Colombia is to establish an efficient, safe, rapid, convenient, comfortable and effective modern mass transit system based on a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Metropolitan Barranquilla has a population of around 1.9 million inhabitants1. The situation before the project is around 44,000 passenger cars, 32,000 motorcycles, more than 14,000 taxis and around 3,700 public transit buses plying the city. Public transport buses are owned and managed by 26 different private enterprises owing between 17 and 425 small, medium or large units each with an average age of 8 years.



The project contributes to sustainable development in a significant manner:

- Improved environment through less greenhouse gases (GHG) and other air pollutant emissions, specifically particle matter, NOx and sulphur dioxide. This is achieved through a more efficient transport system and through new buses.

- Improved social wellbeing as a result of less time lost in congestion, less respiratory diseases due to less particle matter pollution, less noise pollution and fewer accidents per passenger transported.

- Creation of around 4,500 temporary construction jobs (direct jobs) basically for unskilled workers of the surrounding communities for construction works.

- Less accidents due to improved public transit organization and management.

- Economic benefits mainly on a macroeconomic level. Barranquilla can improve its competitive position by offering an attractive and modern transit system reducing also the economic costs of congestion.

The Average expected emission reductions of the project are 61,511 tCO2 avoided per annum.

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