Fuerza eólica del Istmo wind farm - Mexico

The purpose of the project activity consists in developing a wind farm, taking the advantage of the wind as an available renewable energy resourse, using an installed capacity of 50 MW.

This project is located in Mexico, especifically in the Southeastern, Oaxaca, of the Pacific Ocean Coast, in Tehuantepec Istmo.

The project will generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, avoiding CO2 emissions, mitigating the generation of electricity from fossil fuels supplied by the Mexican national electricity grid.



This project contributes to the development of renewable energy; also will serve as an example to demonstrate that in Latin America, the wind energy plants are close to obtain a suitable commercial potential for the development of similar projects that supply energy from renewable resources.

Environmental sustainability:

The project activity use renewable energy resources for electricity generation which otherwise would have been generated through fossil fuels based power plants, contributing with a reduction in specific emissions (emissions of pollutant per unit of energy generated) including GHG emissions. Impulse of the environmental sustainability saving the exploitation and the exhaustion of a natural resource, finite and non-renewable like coal/natural gas. The project activity does not generate any significant negative environmental impact.

Economic and Social sustainability:

Creation of new sources of work in the area: Particularly in the phase of construction of the wind farm, and consequently the works required for the maintenance and the operation during the lifetime of the wind farm. An additional income to the landowners without sacrificing the cattle raising that is mainly the present ground use. The project activity also leads to diversify the national energy portfolio, which is dominated by conventional fossil fuels. Some regions within the Country don’t have energy generation infrastructure; the project activity will contribute to the improvement of the current situation satisfying the growing demand for electricity and make possible releasing energy distribution to more isolated zones.

The total estimated reductions are 933,453 (tonnes of CO2 e).

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