Bus rapid transit (BRT) system, Bogotá - Colombia: TransMilenio


     The goal of TransMilenio is to establish a sustainable mass urban transport system based on a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. TransMilenio phase II-IV which is the project presented is an extension of phase I. Phase I is not part of this CDM project


    The objective of TransMilenio is to establish an efficient, safe, rapid, convenient, comfortable and effective modern mass transit system ensuring high ridership levels.  

     TransMilenio has as main environmental aspect that the resource efficiency of transporting passengers in Bogotá is improved i.e. emissions per passenger trip are reduced compared to the situation without project. This is realized through following changes.

- Improved efficiency: new and larger buses are used which have an improved fuel efficiency per passenger transported compared with those used in absence of the project.

- Mode switching: The BRT system is more attractive to clients due to reduced transport times, increased safety, reliability and comfort. It can thus attract private car or taxi users with higher emission rates to switch to public transport.

- Load increase or change in occupancy: BRT systems have a centrally managed organisation dispatching vehicles. The occupancy rate of vehicles can thus be increased due to organizational measures.

 The project contributes to   sustainable development  in a significant manner:

-Improved environment through less GHG and other air pollutant emissions, specifically CO2, particle matter, and NOx. This is achieved through a more efficient transport system and through new buses.

 -Improved social wellbeing as a result of less time lost in congestion, less respiratory diseases due to less particle matter pollution, less noise pollution and fewer accidents per passenger transported.

-Creation of more than 1’500 temporary construction jobs for unskilled workers of the surrounding communities for construction works of Phase II.

-Economic benefits mainly on a macroeconomic level. Bogotá can improve its competitive position by offering an attractive and modern transit system and can reduce the economic costs of congestion.

     The project complies with all legal requirements of the environmental legislation of Colombia, enforced by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DAMA). It also complies with the social and environmental guidelines issued by IDU (Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano) and the CAF (Andean Development Corporation).

     The annual avarage of estimated emissions reduction (tonCO2eq) are 246,563.

For more information about the project, click HERE.  



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