Lepanto Landfill Gas Management Project

The project is located near of the locality of Nos, in Santiago de Chile.


The purpose of the project is to develop works and equipment to capture and destroy the methane produced by the Lepanto Landfill using a highly efficient controlled flaring system. The landfill has been closed since 2002. Chile has no specific laws setting down the degree of biogas collection required in a sanitary landfill, except solely for venting to avoid the hazardous storage of gases.

The basic considerations in the project are an improvement in the existing impermeabilization system, the creation of new biogas extraction wells and a conveyance piping system, assisted by suction and pressure pumps, to carry the biogas to a treatment plant where it will be flared.

The plant will be capable of treating a maximum flow of 5,000 m3/hr (an average of 2,700 m3/hr is expected).

In order to develop this project, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Vertedero Lepanto Limitada incorporated a company called Aconcagua S.A.,  to elaborate the Lepanto Landfill Gas Management Project.

This project includes diverse works, in particular impermeabilization of the existing waste deposits at the landfill, biogas collection works using extraction wells, and the construction of a biogas conveyance system as far as a biogas plant. All of the foregoing is intended to attain a significant increase in the efficiency of destroying the methane now emanating from the landfill.

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