Santa Marta landfill gas (LFG) capture project.

Santa Marta is an existing and operational landfill site. It is located 17 Km south of Santiago de Chile city.

The purpose of the Santa Marta landfill project is to install a highly efficient landfill gas collection system. This will involve investing in a gas collection system, airtight covering of the landfill and flaring equipment.

The main social and environmental impacts of this project will be a positive effect on health and amenity in the local area. The release of landfill gas can have a negative impact on the health of the local environment and the local population and lead to risks of explosions in the local surroundings. The project will also have a small, but positive inpact on employment in the local area as a number of operators will be recruited to manage the landfill gas operations.

The project is helping the Host Country to fulfil its goal of promoting sustainable development. Specifically, the project:

- Increases eployment opportunities in the area where the project is located;

- Uses clean and efficient technologies;

- Act as a clean technology demonstration project;

- Optimizes the use of natural resourses, avoids uncotrolled waste management.

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